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About Us

Prate Roofing & Installations is a full service roofing company.

We supply and install roof systems of all types. Our services include:

  • Maintenance & repairs on all types of roofing
  • New roofing of all types
  • Repairs & maintenance on metal roofing, flashings & gutters of all types.
  • Consultation on existing roof
  • Consultation on potential acquisition property roof condition
  • Consultation for property managers as to existing roof conditions, budgets for repairs, maintenance and or replacement
  • Consultation for metal work, roof related flashings, custom bay windows, interior exhaust hoods, canopies, custom work with various metals.

We believe that you, our customer, should only “Pay Once For Quality” Our entire stall will treat you as we would want to be treated.

Our roofing maintenance and installation services include:

  • All types of shingle roofs, cedar roofs, slate and tile roofs, synthetic shingles, shakes and slate
  • Flat roofing of all types
  • Metal roofing of all types
  • Gutters fascia and soffit
  • Vinyl and “Hardie” Siding products

We look forward to the opportunity to serve you and include you in our hundreds of thousands of satisfied customers.

Michael believes in the system approach to a roof. You need to have the roof (whatever material it might be), the insulation and the ventilation all balanced. If any one of the 3 components is not right, your roof will prematurely deteriorate.

Call today for consultation on your needs.