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Service and Repairs

An unrivaled Quality + Safety + Professional Service Department

Prate Roofing has one of Chicagoland’s finest service and repair departments, just ask around to friends, neighbors, family or coworkers!

Prate Roofing understands that the many different roof systems out there require the right materials and labor procedures to properly and cost-effectively stop leaks. Our specialized service department has technicians trained specifically in the type of roofing product you have. We will ask you when you call if you know what type of roof you have for that reason. Most of our individual service technicians have at least 25 years with our service department. Most have been trained by Michael A. Prate individually.

No matter what your roof problem or leak might be, we will be able to assess the problem and provide you a detailed comprehensible, cost effective price to properly repair your leak. We service all types of shingle, cedar, slate and tile, synthetic, metal and flat roofs on residential, commercial and industrial properties. In Michael A. Prate’s over 44 years experience, he has literally hundreds of thousands of completed repairs and service calls.

Maintenance is key.

Roof maintenance is a key factor in achieving the years of service from your roof system that the manufacturer has intended. Many customers ask “Why do I need roof maintenance? My roof is new and I have a warranty!”

The answer is: Yes you do have a warranty, but think about this for a moment. Buy any type of new car. Whether a Volkswagen or Mercedes, you have a warranty, but, you much check and change the oil, brake fluid, cooling, liquids, rotate the tires, replace tires and do other things to achieve the miles the warranty covers.

Your roof is the same. Winter ice and snow, falling branches, leaves collecting in valleys, behind chimneys, gutters get clogged, animals such as; mice, bats, squirrels and raccoons like roofs. Especially as the roof ages and is easier to get into attic from.

We at Prate Roofing will supply you with the warranty on the new roof from the manufacturer, and we offer you a maintenance program tailored to your roof system and budget.

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